A Message from Us

Dear Friends:

Can you feel it? Something is in the air. Almost every day there is another protest, another march, another act of bravery, and another risk taken to speak out against injustice and speak up for our rights and those of our neighbors and communities. These movements are happening all over the country and here at ZFF we are inspired.

The cascade of actions over the past two years, including #BlackLivesMatter, the Women’s March, #metoo, the Parkland student movement, and the ongoing fight to protect DACA and our immigrant communities, are just a few examples that remind us that our country was founded on advocacy and activism and that legacy remains strong.

ZFF has long supported the advocacy work that is so critical to achieving constructive social change- and we understand that it doesn’t always look the same. Advocacy comes in many forms, from grass-roots organizing, to educating policy makers, to partnering with our public systems to ensure that all communities receive equitable and effective services, and it couldn’t be more important today. The stakes are higher than they ever have been, and the work is not easy in the midst of the divisive rhetoric and inconsistent and at times heartbreaking responses from our political leaders. But, through our work with you, our grantees, stakeholders, and partners, we’ve learned that we are at our best when we stand together.

We are proud to be a part of the activism in and beyond our communities that has caught the attention of local, state, and federal law makers, blocked discriminatory policies, and challenged long-standing biased systems and dysfunctional workplace and social norms. Here at ZFF, we strive to be more than a funder or even a partner. The Zellerbach Family Foundation is committed to standing in true solidarity with you, our friends, peers, and neighbors who are on the front lines of the movement towards equity. Since our founding over 62 years ago, ZFF has remained unwavering in its commitment to this work, and we recognize that we still have a lot to learn. In standing beside and sometimes behind the advocates and change-makers and listening to those most impacted by injustice, we seek a Bay Area where all children, families, and communities can thrive. We look forward to continuing the work with you in the days and through the challenges ahead.

  • Tom Zellerbach
    Board President

  • Allison Magee
    Executive Director