Thoughts from the Field

Posted on December 6, 2018

After the narrow defeat of San Francisco’s Proposition S, the 2016 ballot initiative to set funding allocations for the arts and homeless services, the alliance of arts organizations that supported the effort regrouped and decided to try again. Comprised of some of the largest and oldest cultural institutions in the Bay Area like the San Francisco Ballet and Opera, along with small arts and culture centers like Galeria de la Raza, African American Art & Culture Complex, and SOMArts, a coalition of over 115 arts organizations united to support Proposition E. The measure restores funding to the arts and youth arts education, keeping artists living and working in the City and supporting cultural equity and the cultural districts in San Francisco.

This wide range of arts and culture organizations, affinity organizations, and city officials worked together to highlight the importance of art in San Francisco and ensure its presence in the city for years to come. This unique example of civic engagement and mobilization of artists was successful, bringing about change and making a lasting difference in the quality of lives for artists as well as the audiences and communities that benefit from the work of the arts and cultural institutions in San Francisco.

Community Celebration

On August 27th, ZFF hosted its second annual Arts and Culture Community Celebration. The event was designed as a cross-disciplinary opening night, bringing together ZFF grantees from the world of music, dance, theater, visual and literary arts to talk and share, eat and drink, and celebrate all the great work created by the artists the foundation is honored to support. The celebration was hosted by The Flight Deck, a performance and work space in the heart of downtown Oakland.