Our Mission

The Mission of the Zellerbach Family Foundation is to be a catalyst for constructive social change by initiating and investing in efforts that strengthen families and communities.

Our Values


We value the respected reputation earned by the Zellerbach Family Foundation through its work over the years.


We value the ability of private philanthropy to serve a unique and ongoing role in American society.

Impact & Significance

We value grantmaking that maximizes our contribution toward constructive social change and honors our civic commitment to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Innovation & Openness to New Approaches

We value the ability to explore and advance new approaches in order to create more effective, sustainable solutions as the needs and challenges of society evolve and we are willing to take risks to that end.


We value the richness that diversity brings to communities and the opportunities it provides to strengthen mutual appreciation and understanding across cultures.


We value the mutual benefit derived from the active engagement of individuals in decisions that affect their lives and their communities.

Enhancing Opportunity

We value the ability to focus much of our work on those with the least opportunity.

Continuous Learning & Active Involvement

We value learning from and with others as we take an active role in shaping the projects supported by the Foundation.


We value partnerships and collaborations that enrich our grantmaking.

Mutual Respect & Shared Leadership

We value and believe that our work benefits from the Foundation’s culture, which promotes mutual respect and shared leadership among and between the members of the board and staff.


We value the contribution that effective leadership brings to constructive social change.


Heather Honegger

Finance Director

Allison Magee

Executive Director

Margot Melcon

Program Executive

Navin Moul

Program Executive

Amy Price

Program Executive

Michael Smith

Information Technology Director

Patrick Taylor

Grants Manager


Nancy Zellerbach Boschwitz

Vice President and Secretary

Jeanette M. Dunckel

James W. Head

Karin Kissane

Mary Ann Milias

Stephen R. Shapiro

Vice President

Suchi Somasekar

Lisa Steindler

Thomas H. Zellerbach

Chairman of the Board and President


Below is a summary of the Zellerbach Family Foundation’s assets and grantmaking for the year ending December 31, 2019.

General Finances
Total Assets $144,127,000
Total Giving $4,845,220
Community Arts Grants
Total Amount $749,320
Number of Grants 145
Average Grant Amount $5,168
All Other Grants
Total Amount $4,095,900
Number of Grants 108
Average Grant Amount $37,925

Financial Statements

IRS Forms 990PF