ZFF’s Strategic Framework for Grantmaking

Building on 65 years as a catalyst for constructive social change, ZFF is taking a more integrated approach to its grantmaking so individuals and families can expand their opportunities and thrive. We will focus on Alameda, Contra Costa, and San Francisco Counties to lift up the innovation and collaboration that can benefit our entire region.

We seek a Bay Area where each person feels safe and connected and lives with a sense of belonging, shared humanity, and dignity.

This Vision Starts With Four Building Blocks Toward Change

  1. Diversify art and cultural expressions to expand people’s horizons
  2. Build power, especially among those who have been excluded
  3. Transform public systems to reflect the strengths and meet the needs of the community
  4. Ensure community members understand their shared experiences, find ally-ship, and can collectively heal

Through the Promotion Of

  • Expression Community-based arts and culture and narrative change
  • Action Collaboration, advocacy, and organizing
  • Imagination Systems innovation and leadership

With Investment In

  • Safety & Belonging Centering lived expertise to transform child, family, and immigrant-serving systems
  • Arts & Culture Ensuring the voices, experiences, traditions, and dreams of all individuals can be celebrated

So that together we can realize a vibrant region rich with diverse expressions and experiences where everyone has equitable opportunities to thrive.

Read our Looking Forward letter from Allison Magee, ZFF’s Executive Director.